f(x) ‘Red Light’ album covers, 2014.

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there r more ppl whining about others celebrating pluto’s return to planetary status on my dash than there r actual ppl celebrating y’all need to chill and let ppl get excited about shit like damn is it so hard to let ppl be happy

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"space lesbians" is both my aesthetic and my idealogy 

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I know that I’m an adult, but I need a higher level adult.

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Powder (1995)

damn i have got to stop developing crushes on ppl who are paid to teach my chemistry

red velvet’s first red carpet appearance at hallyu dream festival

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First midterm study session inspired cvs shopping extravaganza (purchased with campus cash bc apparently u can do that): quart of milk, 20oz red bull, and 2 bags of store brand candy corn that tastes like it’s been in the stock room since last halloween